40 years old but has a good figure of 20 years old! Beautiful doctor Tian Yimin teaches you 3 secrets to eat without getting fat and wrinkle-free

Although Tian Yimin, a beautiful Chinese medicine doctor, has entered her 40s, she maintains a slender figure of more than 40 kilograms and a face that can be broken by blowing bullets through hard work and exercise. She said that she does not have a physique that cannot eat fat. “I am not a fairy, I do it by living a regular life and diet.” In addition, we should love ourselves more and learn to be grateful. “Frustration is what makes us move forward and grow. Opportunity.”

She attaches great importance to maintenance and has kept her external conditions unchanged for more than 10 years. She said that after waking up, she would drink a cup of Korean ginseng tea with warm water. “Mostly I drink half Korean ginseng and half American ginseng; Korean ginseng warms and American ginseng cools, so that I can feel good all day long.”

“In traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng is a high-grade medicinal material. It can replenish vitality and make you feel good. Because my work requires physical strength, a cup every morning can replenish physical strength and boost the spirit.” She explained: “Ginseng is also good.Nourish the lungsAnd the spleen and stomach, Chinese medicine believes that it is the medicinal material of “Gu Ben Pei Yuan”. “

“I will also drink according to my current physical condition. For example, if it is hot and dry in summer, I will mainly use American ginseng; if the climate is cooler in winter, I will drink more Korean ginseng; if it is neither cold nor hot, I will have half and half.”

Sometimes, she also makes tea with 2 to 3 ginseng tablets. Drinking a cup of ginseng in the morning warms the stomach, replenishes qi, and promotes bowel movements. “I will have breakfast after drinking a cup.” Because drinking ginseng requires Looking at the physique, she suggested that you should see a Chinese medicine doctor first, and then drink after confirming your physique.

Apply to the face in the morning and evening for sufficient moisturizing, the skin is young and not afraid of wrinkles

She is beautiful and attaches great importance to skin care. She applies her face twice a day, morning and evening, and moisturizes her face. “The skin needs to be kept firm and youthful. Moisturizing is very important; if you moisturize enough, you won’t have wrinkles.”

She shaves with oil every morning. “Many people reject oil, but oil is very important to the human body. If you want your skin to retain moisture, you need to use oil to lock it in. People with oily skin can choose something lighter like Coconut oil, I personally love it.”

After rubbing the oil on her face, she gently shaves her face with a scraping board, “Scrape from bottom to top, from the inside to the outside, and on the forehead from bottom to top, which can prevent forehead wrinkles, like I have a little allergic rhinitis, and strengthen dark circles parts.” Some girls wake up with swollen faces in the morning, and scraping can also reduce the swelling. It only takes 5 minutes to shave.

After finishing, she will apply on the face, “Because my skin is very sensitive, I will first apply aloe vera jelly or ice crystals, it can calm the skin and moisturize, then use a layer of paper mask to pour rose water, after swelling, apply to the face for about 15 minutes .”

Such steps, once a day in the morning and evening, “As long as you get used to it, it’s actually not troublesome at all, and if you don’t do it, you won’t get used to it.” She laughed, and the maintenance process only takes half an hour. “Women should invest more in themselves, especially middle-aged women. Young and mature people should leave more time for themselves.”

Measure your weight every day and control your calories, and you can lose weight with determination

Tian Yimin is well-knownlose weightFamous doctor, “Many people ask me what I can and cannot eat when I see a doctor. In fact, the most important concept for weight loss is diet first, followed by calorie control.”

“If you want to lose weight, you need willpower and the determination to love beauty.” Like her, she practiced it personally, “I must measure my weight every day, and when I find that my weight has increased by 0.5-1 kg, I will control my calories for 2-3 days. Get the weight off.”

Recently, she has become obsessed with the air fryer. “I try to choose the original form of food, buy more vegetables and tofu, and reduce the calories.” She said that the daily calorie intake of each person is multiplied by 30. For example, for a person weighing 50 kg, the daily intake The calories are about 1500 calories. As long as the calories can be controlled within the range, you can maintain your body shape.

Cardio + TrainingThe core muscles, effectively tighten the body

“The only way to lose weight is to eat less and move more.” She said with a smile: “Some people will say, I exercise a lot, but why can’t I lose weight? If you walk for an hour, you only consume 300 calories, which is equivalent to a sandwich If you eat a sandwich after exercising, you will get it back.”

She attaches great importance to her figure, and walks on the stepper for at least 40 minutes a day. “I will apply a mask while stepping on the stepper. After stepping, I will wash my face and take a bath to promote blood circulation.”

She also recommends doing aerobic exercise and core muscle training, “Aerobic exercise can maintain weight, improve cardiorespiratory and metabolic rate; train core muscle groups, such assquatEtc., can make the local tight. “

She said that although traditional Chinese medicine can use auxiliary methods such as drugs or thread embedding to control the appetite of patients, but if you want to become beautiful and maintain your figure, you must have “strong willpower”. There is only one sentence for becoming beautiful: “There are no ugly women, only lazy women; I am a very strict person with myself.”

For middle-aged or mature people, she believes that it is necessary to “extend the time we can move freely”. Therefore, regular health checkups are required every 2 to 3 years. Go.” After all, only a healthy body can lead to a happy mature life.

Learn to be happy alone, in order to have a happy life

In the end, she emphasized that everyone should live a balanced life, especially girls, “I want to tell all girls that they must learn to be happy alone, so that they are worthy of happiness.”

She took Lin Chiling as an example, “Sister Zhiling once said that she also had very dark and low ebb times. At that time, she realized one thing: you have to face everything by yourself, and no one will solve it for you. problem. Therefore, happiness is a skill that needs to be learned the day after tomorrow.”

Tian Yimin is very grateful that he can be a doctor and can help many people. “Life is short to create the value of living; when encountering things, look more positively and let yourself live with full of positive energy.”

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