Be careful when buying medicines on a trip, this cold medicine may have a drug reaction! Pharmacists analyze the ingredients and risks of the most purchased drugs

The borders of various countries are open, and Taiwanese people have started to travel to Japan on a large scale since this year. Besides having fun, they especially like to buy Japanese cosmeceuticals and medicines. However, some pharmacists reminded that some drug ingredients are addictive, such as TaishoCold medicine, may make your urine test positive, and if you have allergies or other side effects when taking medicines purchased abroad, you cannot apply

Medicine injury reliefYes, you must pay special attention before buying.

Taiwanese tourists love to buy medicines such as EVE, Biaofeiming, and super cold medicine

Chinese people especially love to buy medicines when they go to Japan. The most popular ones are EVE Pain Relief Tablets, Japanese Fish Oil, Wakamoto, Biaofeiming, Ota Bisan, and cold medicine series. In the past, everyone loved Xinlulu cold medicine and Gold A microparticle cold medicine. Now There is also Dazheng Baibao cold medicine. But in fact, the most important thing to buy over-the-counter medicines is to know the ingredients in them, especially some medicines bought in Japan may be Japanese versions, which may not be the same as what you see in Taiwan pharmacies, so don’t buy and eat indiscriminately.

Japanese version of Taisho cold medicine is addictive

Xiaohua Pharmacist reminds everyone in his blog “Xiaohua Pharmacist|Community Pharmacy Notes” that, judging from the above-mentioned medicines that people often buy in Japan, there is not much difference between Ota Weisan and Wakamoto, Biaofeiming series and the Taiwanese version. But if it is the Taisho series of cold medicines, many people think that the Japanese version of Taisho is more effective because it adds a powerful antitussive ingredient “Dihydrocodeine”, which has not been approved for use in comprehensive cold medicines in Taiwan. , and there are other things to pay attention to when taking it.

Precautions for buying and taking Japanese version of Taisho cold medicine

1. It is addictive and has the risk of respiratory depression. Children under 12 years old and breastfeeding pregnant women should not use it.

2. The urine test for drugs may be positive, so soldiers or professional soldiers should use it with caution.

3. Unable to apply for drug injury relief.

EVE Pain Relief Tablets are the strongest with gold letters on a blue background

In addition, there is also the super-sought-for EVE painkiller tablet. I heard that some drugstores in Japan are still out of stock recently. EVE Pain Relief Tablets contain isobuprofen (ibuprofen), which is actually painkillerThere are also many pharmacies in Taiwan. You can easily buy a 400mg ibuprofen painkiller in a box (as indicated). However, many people think that EVE is more effective, especially the blue box! According to the analysis of the use of EVE, the dosage of ibuprofen for EVE is as follows:

There are 4 common types of EVE, the dosage of each “two” EVE:

EVE QUICK DX (gold on blue background): 200mg

EVE QUICK (silver on blue background): 150mg

EVE A EX (golden border with blue letters on a white background): 200mg

EVE A (blue text on white background): 150mg

There are not only painkillers in EVE, but also two other ingredients:

Anhydrous Caffeine – 80 mg

Allylisopropyl acetylurea – 60 mg

The two blue boxes also added Magnesium Oxide – 100 mg

Chen Bingkun explained that Anhydrous Caffeine is caffeine, has the effect of strengthening painkillers, and there are also prolactin strengthening tablets. The dose of 80mg is about the amount of a large cup of coffee.

Allylisopropylacetylurea is a sedative, not very strong, it has the effect of relieving anxiety, and to some extent can help the effect of painkillers, but the reason why other countries do not continue to use it is because some people later developed low platelets, systemic The side effect of purpura bleeding, so it was discontinued.

EVE QUICK DX with gold letters on a blue background adds Magnesium Oxide – 100 mg. In addition to the effect of stomach medicine, it is also a quick-acting tablet. It has the effect of painkiller itself, tranquilizer, caffeine strengthening, and quick-acting disintegration. This is why many people The reason why I think EVE is more effective than other painkillers.

Precautions for purchasing and taking EVE

1. The ingredients of Allylisopropylacetylurea have a risk of thrombocytopenia. There may be risks such as gastrointestinal bleeding and severe skin adverse reactions.

2. EVE has a sedative effect, and you should avoid driving or operating dangerous machinery after taking the medicine.

3. Do not give to children under 15 years old.

4. Attention to pregnant headache patients, simple ibuprofen can still be taken before 12 weeks of pregnancy, but EVE with tranquilizers cannot be taken, and expectant mothers who plan to become pregnant should also be careful.

5. In case of encounter Drug allergyor side effects, foreign countries can not apply for drug injury subsidies.

6. It is illegal to bring too many drugs back to the country, and online sales are not allowed.

Japanese patent medicine is not as powerful as it is important to prescribe the right medicine

It is really risky to buy off-the-shelf medicine abroad. Although the price may be cheaper, it is dangerous to take it without knowing how to use it, the correct dosage, usage, contraindications and side effects because the medicine is not labeled in Chinese. There are still many people who think that Japanese medicines are particularly good, but Drugs, a white-robed pharmacist, once published a book “Pharmacist’s Inner Words” to break the myth, pointing out that there are only a few types of ingredients commonly used in the market, and there is nothing special about them. There is no exception, buying the right medicine according to the symptoms will be “very effective”. When you travel abroad, you should still enjoy yourself and indulge in delicious food, and try not to buy over-the-counter medicines.

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