Biden suffers from basal cell carcinoma! Doctor: The predisposing factor is ultraviolet rays, 3 high-risk occupations must be protected from the sun

[Key point of this article] US President Biden’s skin tissue removal surgery was confirmed to be basal cell carcinoma. Dermatologists remind that occupational groups exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, such as farmers, fishermen, and soldiers, are high-risk groups and should pay attention to sun protection. Wu Jieshan, chief physician of the Kaohsiung Veterans General … Read more

What is Vitamin B12? Lack of restlessness? Vegetarians… 3 high-risk groups should be careful

Do you want to balance work and life and are often so busy that you are in a trance? There may even be restlessness and hallucinations! ? In fact, it may be caused by vitamin B12 deficiency! Today, Evelyn, the brand nutritionist of “PrimePlus Health Designer”, will introduce to you what vitamin B12 is, and what will happen if … Read more

Make the immune system younger! Experts recommend 9 kinds of sports suitable for mature people, even weak knees can do it

If you want to live, you have to move! As people grow older, their physical condition tends to decline. Elderly people should maintain daily activities, even light ones are helpful. In addition, there is a positive correlation between exercise and longevity, and a British study found that exercise can keep the immune system young and efficient. Experts recommend … Read more

“Standing on one foot” can make the brain useful for a lifetime! Japanese doctors teach you 4 steps to enhance muscle strength and burn calories

Aerobic exercise Can stay away from the fuse of aging──Oxidation and saccharification The effect of aerobic exercise is to prevent the two effects of oxidation and glycation at the same time. Our body already has antioxidant capacity, which can resist the “oxidative” attack from active oxidants. Among them, the most important “antioxidant enzymes” can capture the … Read more

How to make the brain age slowly? Scientifically proven 5 ways to slow down brain aging, changing the way you brush your teeth is the key!

After working for a period of time, I occasionally feel that my brain does not seem to be as bright as before. Not only do I learn new things very slowly, but I also start to forget things, which affects work efficiency. Although people cannot avoid the gradual deterioration of the brain over time, as long … Read more

A dirge for young caregivers! Dreams interrupted by caring burdens Is sacrifice a necessary responsibility for young people?

On October 14, 2015, a man in Kyoto City caregiverThe aid group “TOMO (Friends)” (Note: “Tomo” is the Roman pinyin of the word “Friends” in Japanese, meaning “friends.”) The gathering was held in a coffee shop in the Nakagyo District of Kyoto City. In 2010, caregivers in Kyoto founded “TOMO” in order to provide a place … Read more

Liver nourishment in spring! Physician teaches “breathing method” to expel the unknown fire in the body and resist the invasion of external diseases

In spring, the willow trees are shady and the flowers are blooming like a piece of brocade. The ancient tourists were very happy to swing by the green water lake. However, the same safflower and new willows can also be regarded as “the world is ruthless, and the country has hatred.” I don’t know if the spring … Read more

Why does the body have an allergic reaction? It’s actually related to the immune system being too aggressive

Your favorite food in life will be crabs, these gigantic, funny-looking spiders that crawl around the bottom of the ocean, have weird textures and are delicious. After months of mindful eating and dieting for a while, today is your night to indulge with friends. There is wine and a lot of crabs. But after the first bite of … Read more

Control blood sugar and stabilize blood pressure! Explain the benefits of long-term retraining in detail: Why do you need weight training after the age of 40?

you should weight trainingThere are many reasons for this—it would have been a completely different book if it had been written. During the growth process of many people, “retraining” may be something that must be done in physical education class in school days, or because our competitors are practicing, so we have to practice too. Beyond that, … Read more