Detoxify the heart well, and many diseases can be avoided! Famous doctor revealed: Preventing diseases starts with clearing the three poisons of greed, hatred and ignorance

If you drink water well, exercise well, sweat well, and adjust the intestinal flora, many toxins in the body will naturally be excreted. The human body has a natural self-cleaning function, please make good use of it. famousBody and soulPreventive MedicineExpert, Dr. Lausanne Jiacan published the book “Tibetan Mind Refining Techniques That Don’t Get Sick: Internal Medicine to Keep Your Body and Mind Safe” (published by Times Times) mentioned that if you want to detoxify your mind, your kidneys and liver can’t help busy! Please rely on the following three heart medicines to help you get rid of obstacles. “Altruism cures greed”, “endurance cures hatred”, “doing goodness cures infatuation”. Tibetan medicine points out that greed, hatred and ignorance are the three heart poisons that most interfere with the movement of life energy.

Life energy is collectively called life energy, and can be subdivided into “Long” (Tibetan Lung), “Chiba” (Tibetan Tripa) and “Bacon” (Tibetan Bekan). Greed causes diseases in terms of long disorder, anger causes chiba disorder, and ignorance interferes with Bacon’s balance. There are 84,000 kinds of diseases derived from the obstruction of life energy, each of which can cause physical and mental trauma. When the situation deteriorates, let alone interfering with the practice, it is even difficult to eat and sleep well. In order to benefit all living beings and fulfill the wish of this life, Tibetan medical teachers especially know the way of prevention, clear away the three poisons of greed, anger and ignorance early, and many diseases can be avoided.

Now we can all understand that the less toxins and viruses in the body, the better the detoxification system and immune system can handle it. Heart poison is the same, the less the better. It is impossible for a person to be completely free from greed, never get angry, and always be wise and never be an idiot. If he could do it, he would have become a fairy and a Buddha on the spot. At the beginning of mind training, there is no need to be obsessed with “clearing zero”, and the first thing to do is to make the heart poison less and less, which is already good.

Detoxify the heart well, stay healthy and happy

Eliminating greed, hatred and ignorance, in addition to ensuring the health of the mind, the body also benefits. Keeping calm, joy, anger, worry, thought, sorrow, and fear will not be too excessive, and the seven emotions will not cause illness or internal injury. Explained in terms of Western medicine, it is the balance of autonomic nerves and hormone secretion, and minimizes cell oxidative damage and inflammatory damage. In such an advanced state of health, people are very brave. When encountering the attack of pathogenic microorganisms, weak people will have a serious illness and feel very uncomfortable, while brave people can turn viruses and bacteria into themselves. The “trainer” of immune cells can better identify them and better protect themselves.

The sooner the three poisons of greed, hatred and ignorance are eliminated, the cleaner they are. Not only can you upgrade your protection level, but you can also relax your mind and live a happy life. It is really worth working on this aspect. Let’s talk about it separately:

◎Altruism cures greed

To increase the value of Fuze, rely on two methods of “altruism” and “self-discipline”. Among them, altruism also has a miraculous decomposing effect on greed. To decompose the odor in the air, we use silver ions to decompose the greed in the heart, altruism is the most powerful. In fact, to altruistically and share, you can easily find out that since everyone is a whole, it is really ridiculous for me to take more from others and then secretly feel good about it. I store 200 quick screens at home, and I can use the quick screens with people in need around me. Which one is more sensible? If you are smart, you can see it at a glance.

When you notice the rise of greed, think about others immediately, and think about what is best for most people. In this way, your greed will immediately be transformed into compassion, and you will be considerate of others. If you can think this way, ignorance and troubles will be far away from you.

◎Patience heals anger

Forbearance does not mean that you will not get angry or endure internal injuries, but to have a wise and clear spiritual quality. Because you understand the truth, you will not get angry, complain, or store malice in your heart. By the way, it is most suitable for people with cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure to practice this patience, which can help them turn their illness into a blessing. Patience needs to be cultivated well. You can think about how the wisest elder around you would deal with and respond to such an unfavorable situation today. People who have a relationship with Fudo, Manjushri and Green Tara can also visualize themselves as one with the Buddha and Bodhisattva, and adopt advanced, noble and elegant ways to deal with various emergencies or things that wear people’s patience.

Especially in times of trouble and change, if you are busy scolding the government and blaming those who make you inconvenient, then you have a lot of material to make yourself unhappy every day. Directly skip these scolding, these blames, healed the anger, think that you have actually been helped by many people, then you will also have a lot of material to make you happy every day.

◎Cure infatuation by doing good

To create goodness means to create a state of goodness. Powerful man-made things are bigger, common man-made things are smaller, and beginners can create a good environment in their hearts. Adhering to integrity and kindness will allow you to see many things clearly, directly dispel the fog of mental retardation, and directly terminate your idiot behavior. And because greed and hatred come from ignorance, if the idiot is cured, the former two will also be cured. In terms of healing properties, this third heart medicine has the best therapeutic effect. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is to altruistically do good, as long as it does good. Create and create, even if you have not attained Buddhahood, at least you must first gain popularity, and it is a kind of good relationship.

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