How to make the brain age slowly? Scientifically proven 5 ways to slow down brain aging, changing the way you brush your teeth is the key!

After working for a period of time, I occasionally feel that my brain does not seem to be as bright as before. Not only do I learn new things very slowly, but I also start to forget things, which affects work efficiency. Although people cannot avoid the gradual deterioration of the brain over time, as long as some small changes in daily life patterns may make the brain more flexible and slow down brain aging speed.

The editor of VidaOrange life newspaper has compiled for you 5 scientifically proven methods that can delay brain aging. If you want to keep your brain in a good state, you can do the following:

5 Ways to Slow Your Brain Aging

1. Try to expand your social circle

In an interview with Time Magazine, Sarah Lenz Lock, CEO of the Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH), pointed out that long-term social isolation (Social Isolation) will increase the risk of disease by 50%.dementiaAnother study published in the international journal “The Journals of Gerontology” showed that people with a social life have a healthier brain and better performance in cognitive function, and this is because frequent interaction with others can increase The gray matter of the brain helps to improve memory performance and reduce the chance of suffering from dementia.

2. Take an aerobic dance class

According to research published by NYU Langone Health, maintainingexercise habitsIt can increase the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, referred to as BDNF), which helps to improve memory and cognitive function.

The “Time Magazine” report stated that if you want to delay the aging of the brain through exercise, you can choose to join the Cognitive Challenge (Cognitive Challenge) exercise. For example, a study published in the international journal “Science Daily” pointed out that a combination of Aerobic exercise, listening to music, memorizing dance steps, and socializing with others can help stimulate the brain, slow down aging, and make your brain younger and younger.

3. Eating a brain-friendly diet

In addition to maintaining exercise habits, adopting a diet that is beneficial to the brain, such as the Mediterranean Diet and the MIND Diet, can also help slow down brain aging.

The international journal “Neurology” published a paper in June last year, pointing out that the Mediterranean diet can prevent mild cognitive impairment and dementia, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare also encourages everyone to use the Mediterranean diet toprevent dementia; and according to a study published in the international journal “ScienceDaily”, compared with those who practiced the general diet, the subjects who followed the “Made Diet” performed better in terms of memory and thinking clarity, not only cognitive The rate of functional degeneration is slower, and the brain is seven and a half years younger than other people of the same age. It can be seen that adopting a diet that is beneficial to the brain can delay the aging symptoms of the brain and make your brain healthier.

4. Listen to your favorite music more

According to a study published in the international journal “Science Daily” and published by the Academy of Finland (Academy of Finland), regular listening to music can help improve the cognitive function of the brain. The study pointed out that listening to music can not only stimulate the human auditory system, It also helps stimulate the areas of the brain that govern emotion, movement, and creativity, making your memory better. Another study conducted by the University of Pascala in Italy pointed out that regular listening to music can help improve your working memory (Working Memories), help slow down the deterioration of cognitive function and memory, and thus achieve the effect of preventing dementia.

5. Change the way you brush your teeth

Japanese dementia specialist Yoshiya Hasegawa mentioned in his book “Starting at the age of 35, teeth determine the rest of your life” that the mouth, like fingers, occupies less than 1/10 of the body surface area, but the movement in the brain The brain area and the sensory area each occupy 1/3. Therefore, the key to preventing brain aging and prolonging the life of the brain is to maintain the health of the mouth and teeth.

He suggested that you can use your dominant hand and non-dominant hand at the same time when brushing your teeth, that is, you can brush your teeth alternately with your left and right hands. It can bring an appropriate amount of load to the brain and achieve the effect of training the brain. Therefore, if you want to keep your brain young and healthy, trying to change the way you brush your teeth may be one of the best ways.

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