It’s cold and you shouldn’t change your eating habits! 5 kinds of civilian ingredients to help winter health

In the cold and windy winter, the human body is affected by the drop in temperature and the activity of the human body becomes weaker, and the metabolic function becomes different. Some people even have different preferences in food taste. The weather is as cold as a freezer, allowing people who are diligent in going to the gym to find an excuse to be lazy and not exercise. In addition, some people rely on high-calorie diets to soothe their bodies and minds when the weather is freezing.

However, health experts say that no matter the weather, healthy eating habits should not be changed. Just as there is no reason to binge on ice cream in summer, there is no reason to binge on fresh-from-the-oven cookies with warm hot chocolate in winter drinks.

Brigid Titger, dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic Health Center, a nonprofit medical research centerriceBrigid Titgemeier compiled five major types of ingredients that people eat more in winter, which can achieve health-enhancing effects:

1. Root vegetables

People living in cold regions may not be able to eat locally produced fresh fruits and vegetables in winter. butcarrotBeetroot (beets, also known as sugar radish), turnips (also known as kohlrabi), etc. are more cold-resistant, and the probability of buying them from local vegetable farmers is higher, so people can seize the opportunity to eat more. Carrots can be baked as a snack to supplement beta-carotene, and turnip soup can make the body rich in vitamin A and vitamin A.Vitamin C.


In the eyes of many people, oatmeal is a simple and time-saving breakfast choice, but Titgemeer pointed out that oatmeal can provide the body with much needed nutrition in winter. For example, oatmeal contains a lot of zinc, which plays a key role in the proper functioning of the body’s immune system. In addition, oatmeal is rich in soluble fiber, which is closely related to maintaining heart health. Ready-to-eat oatmeal is convenient to eat, but the retail price is relatively high. If consumers want to eat healthy and budget carefully, they can choose traditional oatmeal.

3. Hot soup

Titgemir pointed out that all kinds of hot soups can be called “perfect food” in winter, as long as you master the principles of low salt, less cream, and as little beef as possible. She also said that the public can search for recipes that use chicken soup, vegetable soup or water as the soup base, and try to add a lot of vegetables when making the soup. Collard and Lentil Soup (Collard and Lentil Soup) is an excellent taste and very nutritious Good choice. You can pair it with 100% whole grain biscuits when drinking soup, and eat grains while drinking soup.

4. Spicy tuna roll (Spicy tuna roll, also known as spicy tuna roll)

Many Americans like to rely on high-calorie, high-fat and high-sugar “comfort foods” (comfort foods) to brighten their mood when they are depressed, but Tietgemeer pointed out that sashimi can actually be used as a ” comfort food,” read Alternate Choices. Instead, choose sushi rolls that include salmon or tuna sashimi, both of which are good sources of vitamin D, suggests Titegemmier. In winter months, the nights are long and the days are short. Due to the lack of sunlight, some people suffer from vitamin D deficiency.

Severe vitamin D deficiency can lead to stunted growth, weakened bones, and even an increased risk of heart disease.

5. Cauliflower (broccoli, also known as broccoli) and cauliflower (cauliflower)

If you don’t want to catch a cold and get sick in winter, in addition to getting a flu vaccine and washing your hands frequently, Titgemmel analyzed that cruciferous vegetables are the defense vanguard that helps the body resist diseases. Cauliflower and cauliflower also have a lot of vitamin C, which can help improve the function of the immune system. She pointed out that consumers don’t have to worry if they can’t buy fresh cauliflower and cauliflower in winter. They can get the same nutritional content by buying frozen packaged cauliflower and cauliflower.

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