Liver nourishment in spring! Physician teaches “breathing method” to expel the unknown fire in the body and resist the invasion of external diseases

In spring, the willow trees are shady and the flowers are blooming like a piece of brocade. The ancient tourists were very happy to swing by the green water lake. However, the same safflower and new willows can also be regarded as “the world is ruthless, and the country has hatred.” I don’t know if the spring scenery you see from your eyes is the spring in decline, or the spring is full of mountains?

If the five elements in your body are balanced, yin and yang are harmonious, and you are in a good mood, everything will look beautiful and lovely. A well-known expert in preventive medicine for body, mind, and mind, Dr. Lausanne Jiacan published the book “Tibetan Mind Alchemy without Sickness: Inner Medicine to Keep Your Body and Mind Safe” (published by Times Times) and mentioned that if you didn’t take good care of yourself in the previous winter, you would not be able to nourish yourself enough , Not enough rest will cause kidney qi loss, and the adaptability to spring climate changes will be reduced. Chances are you’ll feel an unknown fire rising up, making yourself dizzy. When the body is tired, people will not like to go out, their hands and feet will be weak and weak, and their mood will be a little melancholy. Watching other people enjoying flowers and lanterns makes me happy, but I can’t feel happy anyway. Sometimes I get full after eating casually, and wake up after not sleeping much. It seems strange, not the same as before.

Warmer temperatures and increased sunshine will affect hormone secretion

It is said that the spring is warm and the flowers are fragrant and the spring is bright and beautiful, but in fact, many people’s hormones can’t be adjusted at once in spring. People who are more sensitive will notice that their level has fluctuated, and even worse, they feel uneasy. In fact, your observation skills are very keen, and there is nothing wrong with these. At this moment, it is suitable to practice the mind and Qi. In the ever-changing spring, when the wind blows and the wind turns warm and cold, we re-exercise our adaptability, and we breathe by “shh”. There is a poem by ancient doctors: “Hush in spring to improve eyesight and heart in summer, blow lungs and kidneys in autumn and winter, breathe out spleen and transform food in four seasons, and heat from triple burners is hard to stop.” In the six-character tactic of breathing guidance, the one corresponding to the liver is boo breathing, which is especially suitable for spring practice.

Dr. Lausanne said that breathing is deep and steady, the exhaust gas can go out, and the fresh air from nature can come in, so people will not grow old easily. Practicing breathing can mobilize and stimulate the internal potential of viscera, restore the balance of the five elements of earth, water, fire, wind and air, and help you resist the invasion of external diseases. When you have accumulated depression in your heart and have bad thoughts popping up all the time, you will feel much better immediately after such a long “shh”. Practicing shush breathing can also help to clear away the nameless fire, and let the fire go out instead of accumulating in it, and the more you think about it, the more you get angry. Let’s practice the hush breath that reduces fire, relieves depression and stops delusions:

◎ “Shush” steps

Step 1: Breathe in through your nose.

Step 2: Hold your breath for three to fifteen seconds.

Step 3: Shape your mouth like a fish and exhale the breath slowly, the slower the better.

Step 4: Hold your breath and pause for two or three seconds.

(Repeat the above steps seven times or twenty-one times)

It is suitable for both standing and sitting postures, and it can be practiced anytime and anywhere in spring, just don’t blow your breath directly at other people’s faces. For the part of holding my breath, I hold it for fifteen seconds. If you have never practiced anyBreathing,vital capacityI haven’t mentioned it yet, it’s okay to hold it for three seconds first, and then proceed step by step, practice comfortably, and don’t practice rashly. If you feel that the description above is not clear enough, you can go to YouTube and search for the keyword “spring nourishing the liver and breathing” to watch the teaching video I recorded.

Use hush breath to reduce liver fire, if the liver is healthy, the eyes will be bright, or if you climb high and look far away to see more green plants, keep your eyes healthy, which is also very helpful for protecting the liver. Both directions can work. Finally, I would like to remind you a few tips for health benefits. Spring is the season of germination. Emotionally, you will be lively and happy, and your muscles and bones will be more active and stretched.keep in good healthDisease prevention is natural.

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