Not necessarily chest pain, women have different symptoms of sudden cardiac death from men! Menopausal cardiovascular mortality increases greatly with age, 5 ways to protect the heart

The National Health Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare pointed out that women enter menopauseAfter that, the risk of developing high blood pressure and diabetes is three times higher at the age of 46 to 55 than at the age of 40 to 45, and the risk of hyperlipidemia also increases with age; compared with men, girls should pay more attention during menopause Cardiovascular diseasesRisks, especially the precursors of sudden cardiac death in women are different from men. Chest pain may not be present, but dyspnea, hand numbness, palpitations, and back pain are all warning signs. If palpitations are combined with shortness of breath, dizziness, and chest discomfort, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Women’s Menopause May Affect Cardiovascular Health

Female menopause usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55. American and European Heart Associations pointed out that menopause is due to ovarian function degradation, resulting in decreased estrogen secretion, and physical and psychological symptoms, such as hot flashes and night sweats, depression and sleep disorders , increased visceral fat, and suffering from three highs, metabolic syndrome, etc., will all affect women’s cardiovascular health.

Ms. Yang, 63 years old, does regular exercise and likes mountaineering. She maintains a good body shape and maintains a BMI of 22.5. She has never smoked in the past, but her mother has a history of diabetes. However, when he stopped menstruating at the age of 53, he found that he was also suffering from diabetes. When climbing a mountain, he was diagnosed with cardiovascular disease because of heart palpitations, chest tightness and shortness of breath.

Li Qilong, executive director of the Taiwan Menopause Health Association, said that common menopausal symptoms include heart palpitations, back pain, emotional instability, loss of security, headaches, tinnitus, abnormal menstruation, dyspareunia, abnormal discharge, dry mouth, dry eyes , itchy skin, decreased skin sensation, etc.

Zhong Yuanfang, Section Chief of the Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Group of the National Health Administration, said that girls should pay more attention to the risk of cardiovascular diseases during menopause. Ye Hongyi, vice president of Mackay Hospital, said, after menopause female hormonesWhen the concentration is reduced, the mortality rate of cardiovascular disease will nearly double every 5 years, and the risk of cardiovascular disease will increase significantly for those who stop menstruation before the age of 45. Women with myocardial infarction will have atypical symptoms such as nausea, hand numbness, shortness of breath, and back pain, which are different from the typical symptoms of chest tightness in men.

With the rise of new smoking products, many young men and women are holding an electronic cigarette and heated cigarettes. The cool appearance of 3C products is like a fashion trend. Ye Hongyi also pointed out that if women smoke, it will lead to earlier menopause, especially the heavier the smoking, The longer the smoking time, the earlier the menopause report time will be, and the menopausal symptoms will be more obvious. It is urged that the public should quit smoking and other bad living habits as soon as possible.

Wei Xilun, deputy director of the National Health Administration, said that cancer is the top ten cause of death for Chinese people, but heart disease is the second leading cause of death for women, especially the combination of heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and hypertensive disease, accounting for the total number of female deaths that year 23.6%, if encountering menopausal women, there is a higher risk, and the public is urged to pay more attention to the female friends around them, do a good job of “protecting the heart” and adjust their lifestyle.

The National Health Department provides 5 ways to “protect the heart”

1. Balanced diet: Menopausal women are prone to gain weight. It is recommended to adopt a balanced diet, for example: reduce the intake of sugar, salt and trans fat, eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains, replace sugary drinks with plain water, and use steamed , boiled, blanched instead of fried food, etc.

2. Regular exercise: The World Health Organization recommends that adults accumulate 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity (such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, etc.) per week to increase bone density, strengthen muscles, and prevent Osteoporosis, improve the basal metabolic rate, achieve weight control and BMI (body mass index), and also avoid the increase of visceral fat.

3. Relax and relieve stress: In the busy work and life, moderately arrange reading, travel and other leisure activities and sports. You can also talk more with family and friends to relieve stress in a timely manner, and your mood will also be cheerful.

4. Say no to smoking: Nicotine and other substances in tobacco can accelerate arteriosclerosis, make blood thicker, blood vessels lack elasticity, and cause the risk of stroke or myocardial infarction. It is recommended that women who smoke can go through the smoking cessation service clinic of medical institutions. quit smoking.

5. Regular health checkup: The National Health Service provides free adult preventive health care services for people aged 40 to 64 once every three years, and people over 65 years old once a year. If there are any abnormalities in the three high checkups, please follow up regularly and follow the doctor’s prescription. Do not adjust the dose or stop the drug by yourself according to the symptoms.

According to the National Health Administration, people can use the “Chronic Disease Risk Assessment Platform” ( ), input health examination data, calculate the risk of chronic diseases in the next 10 years, and improve according to the risk level Life style, develop a balanced diet, regular exercise and good sleep.

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