Observe stool to prevent colorectal cancer! Expert: There are 4 types of poop that may cause the early stage of bowel cancer, and improving living habits can effectively prevent cancer

“Quiet and deadly killer” colorectal cancer is listed as the top 10 cancers in China, with an average of 1 person getting cancer every 31 minutes and 14 seconds. There are no obvious symptoms, and it usually has metastasized when it is discovered, and has taken away many people’s lives Precious life. According to experts, colorectal cancereating habits,exercise habitsRelated, avoid high-fat and high-salt diet, take more probiotics, high-fiber foods, exercise moderately, do not drink too much alcohol, pay attention to defecation, etc.; bowel cancer can be improved throughliving habiteffective in preventing cancer. He called for more observationpoopSymptoms, if the following 4 symptoms appear, you must be vigilant and suspect whether it is the early stage of bowel cancer.

The incidence of colorectal cancer in Taiwan is the highest in the world

A while ago, there was a heated discussion on the Internet “What factors lead to such a high incidence of colorectal cancer in Taiwan?”

In this regard, Professor Cai Yingjie, a chair professor of industry and science at National Yangming Chiao Tung University and an expert in probiotics, posted on a Facebook fan group that most people think it is related to eating habits and exercise habits. Less exercise, visceral fat, and irregular bowel movements” is a very correct concept, and these habits will increase the incidence of colorectal cancer.

Cai Yingjie said that colorectal cancer is often called a “quiet killer” because it has no obvious symptoms and usually has metastasized when it is discovered, causing its five-year survival rate to drop below 10%.

Improving lifestyle habits can effectively prevent bowel cancer

Cai Yingjie pointed out that most intestinal cancers are “well-differentiated adenocarcinomas”, which grow slowly and are unlikely to metastasize. Many bowel cancers are caused by colorectal polyps, which gradually become cancerous over a period of 5-10 years. As long as the polyps can be detected and removed early, the chance of canceration can be reduced.

On the other hand, bowel cancer is one of the few cancers that can be effectively prevented through active lifestyle changes. Avoid high-fat and high-salt diet, take more probiotics, and high-fiber foods; exercise moderately, avoid excessive alcohol consumption, and pay attention to defecation, etc. As long as you persist in implementing these very basic health regimens, you can definitely prevent colon cancer effectively.

4 types of stool to be vigilant and suspected to be the early stage of bowel cancer

Cai Yingjie said that when he promoted intestinal health 20 years ago, he emphasized the need to “observe your own stool more”. After going to the toilet, don’t rush to flush the water, just look back and observe the color, shape and taste of the stool , and the feeling of defecation, so that you can understand your intestinal health!

Observe the following 4 symptoms in the stool:

1. Blood or mucus in the stool

2. Changes in bowel habits

3. Changes in stool shape

4. Chronic abdominal discomfort

If you have the above symptoms in your stool, you must be vigilant, as it is suspected to be the early stage of bowel cancer.

Intestinal health check-ups for younger bowel cancer patients

Cai Yingjie emphasized that regular intestinal health checks are as important as observing stool every day . The National Health Department subsidizes people aged 50-74 to do a free immunization fecal occult blood test every 2 years. If it is positive, of course, without further ado, go for a colonoscopy immediately. Generally, people over the age of 50 should have their first colonoscopy. If they have a family medical history, they should do it as early as 40 years old. It is generally said to have a microscopic examination every five years, but I try to do it every three years.

Cai Yingjie reminded that the rejuvenation of bowel cancer is an indisputable fact! The 40-year-old and 50-year-old examinations mentioned above are just references. My daughter had her first microscopic examination just after she turned 30, and she found several polyps.

Probiotics may prevent bowel cancer, but not an immediate panacea

In response to someone asking, does supplementing with probiotics help prevent bowel cancer? Cai Yingjie said, don’t doubt, of course it helps! Probiotics can help prevent and prognose recurrence , and even more papers in recent years have begun to discuss that probiotics can improve the effect of traditional treatments and reduce side effects.

However, Cai Yingjie emphasized that probiotics focus on long-term friendship and are not a panacea for immediate effect . They are health products for long-term care of the intestinal tract, and they should not be cramped temporarily.

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