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How to choose kidney dialysis for patients with chronic kidney disease? Explain in detail the advantages and disadvantages of peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis and the timing of kidney transplantation

1. Who needs “Kidney dialysis” The main function of the kidney is to remove excess water and waste, balance electrolytes, regulate blood pressure, recycle nutrients and secrete erythropoietin, so the kidney is a silent but important organ. When the kidneys lose their function when they are sick, they cannot remove excess water and metabolic waste. At … Read more

Health care big data: Gout loves to find middle-aged and elderly male patients. Taking this medicine means that uric acid is not well controlled

“It hurts when the wind blows!”goutIt is an inflammatory disease of the joints. Although it is not fatal, the attack seems to be fatal, and it may even lose the ability to move in severe cases. Gout is more common in middle-aged and male groups. As Taiwan enters a super-aged society, it is a chronic disease … Read more

Control blood sugar and stabilize blood pressure! Explain the benefits of long-term retraining in detail: Why do you need weight training after the age of 40?

you should weight trainingThere are many reasons for this—it would have been a completely different book if it had been written. During the growth process of many people, “retraining” may be something that must be done in physical education class in school days, or because our competitors are practicing, so we have to practice too. Beyond that, … Read more

Not necessarily chest pain, women have different symptoms of sudden cardiac death from men! Menopausal cardiovascular mortality increases greatly with age, 5 ways to protect the heart

The National Health Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare pointed out that women enter menopauseAfter that, the risk of developing high blood pressure and diabetes is three times higher at the age of 46 to 55 than at the age of 40 to 45, and the risk of hyperlipidemia also increases with age; … Read more

Observe stool to prevent colorectal cancer! Expert: There are 4 types of poop that may cause the early stage of bowel cancer, and improving living habits can effectively prevent cancer

“Quiet and deadly killer” colorectal cancer is listed as the top 10 cancers in China, with an average of 1 person getting cancer every 31 minutes and 14 seconds. There are no obvious symptoms, and it usually has metastasized when it is discovered, and has taken away many people’s lives Precious life. According to experts, colorectal … Read more

Biden suffers from basal cell carcinoma! Doctor: The predisposing factor is ultraviolet rays, 3 high-risk occupations must be protected from the sun

[Key point of this article] US President Biden’s skin tissue removal surgery was confirmed to be basal cell carcinoma. Dermatologists remind that occupational groups exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, such as farmers, fishermen, and soldiers, are high-risk groups and should pay attention to sun protection. Wu Jieshan, chief physician of the Kaohsiung Veterans General … Read more

It is said on the Internet that eating too much vitamin D is prone to dementia? Nutritionist teaches 4 healthy eating methods to increase immunity and prevent osteoporosis!

Vitamin DIt has been quite popular in recent years, but the news that “eating too many vitamins can lead to dementia” has spread widely on the Internet recently, which has caused many people to worry and have doubts. Nutritionist Liu Yili explained this and taught everyone how to take vitamin D correctly and safely to help … Read more

Have a glass of nutritious juice to boost your immunity! Physicians and pharmacists teach you DIY komatsuna kiwi juice, high-fiber green latte, seabuckthorn multiberry juice

[Key points of this article] This article introduces the dietary guidelines provided by the Harvard School of Public Health and the National Health Administration of the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare, emphasizing that the basic principles of healthy eating apply to everyone, and reminding people to avoid carcinogenic free radicals from overcooked or processed … Read more

Be vegetarian to lose weight, keep healthy and be careful of allergies and blood lipids! Nutritionist reveals “3 major thunder points”: will also become fat

A manager Chen hoped to lose weight and improve his health through a vegetarian diet. Unexpectedly, when he returned to the clinic, his triglycerides, which were originally about 150mg/dl, soared to 300mg/dl. After careful questioning about his eating habits by the doctor, he found out that it was because he was a vegetarian and did not … Read more