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Why is “boosting the immune system” dangerous? Experts reveal that it is more important to do one thing well

What happens when you boost your immune system? Do you want more aggressive and stronger macrophages, or neutrophils? Well, that means more and more intense inflammation, more fever, more discomfort and tiredness, even if it’s just a mild infection. Or do you want super natural killer cells to kill more infected cells or cancer cells? OK, but they … Read more

Eating and absorbing after exercise makes it easier to gain weight? Does exercising on an empty stomach increase fat burning? Nutritionist teaches you how to eat before, during and after exercise

In the past three years, because of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Taiwan, many people who originally owned exercise habitsMany people have also been forced to suspend or switch to home sports. Everyone can’t help but miss the thrill of shuttling on the court, running on the track, and sweating profusely in the gym. … Read more

Be careful when buying medicines on a trip, this cold medicine may have a drug reaction! Pharmacists analyze the ingredients and risks of the most purchased drugs

The borders of various countries are open, and Taiwanese people have started to travel to Japan on a large scale since this year. Besides having fun, they especially like to buy Japanese cosmeceuticals and medicines. However, some pharmacists reminded that some drug ingredients are addictive, such as TaishoCold medicine, may make your urine test positive, and … Read more

Walking 17,000 steps a day, still cheating at the age of 68! Physiotherapist Jian Wenren: Do these 5 things well, serve the old and not be afraid of the old

“ “Many people think it is difficult to get started with sports, or they just don’t have time, so Jian Wenren advocates “doing sports anytime, anywhere, happily!” When Jian Wenren is mentioned, the soft Q Abo who teaches zodiac exercises on TV every Spring Festival automatically comes to mind. He encourages people to do more … Read more

Sacroiliac Pain Syndrome – Often Misdiagnosed Low Back Pain and Pseudosciatica

Patients suffering from low back pain and conduction pain are often diagnosed with intervertebral disc herniation or bone spurs. In fact, there are many cases of sacroiliac joint pain syndrome. However, it is difficult to diagnose and not receive appropriate treatment, making low back pain go hand in hand for many years . Physician You Zhikai … Read more

Teeth can leave a few teeth that affect the quality of life of the old. Experts teach oral health care that should be paid attention to after the age of 40

Teeth can leave a few teeth that affect the quality of life of the old. Experts teach oral health care that should be paid attention to after the age of 40

“Many studies have pointed out that the care of the elderly and the risk of death are actually closely related to “how many teeth can be left”. To avoid toothlessness in old age, one should start paying attention to dental health after middle age.Figure / taken from 50+ (Fifty Plus)” Editor’s note: As you grow … Read more

Discover the Incredible Health Benefits of Weight Lifting and Strength Training

If you’re looking to improve your overall physical fitness and take your workouts to the next level, weight lifting and strength training might be the perfect solution. Resistance training has become a popular form of exercise not just for athletes, but for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. So, if you’re ready to blast … Read more