Sit or stand? Our Daily Bathing Habit Is Actually Super Dangerous

Get up in the morning and take a bath to refresh yourself and start a vigorous day; take a bath after get off work to wash away the dirt that has been in contact with the outside world throughout the day; take a bath before going to bed with comfortable water temperature to relieve fatigue. In addition to cleaning the body, the function of bathing can also promote blood circulation and soothe the body and mind, but did you know that the bathing habits we take for granted actually hide the danger of accidents!

LagoonXudn cares about the safety of bathrooms at home, and organizes a “Survey on Bathing Habits”, inviting the public to share their bathing habits and postures, and also cares about their parents and parents.familyIs how to take a bath, while understanding and prevention bathroomIn juries caused by wet slippery risk.

The total number of people who analyzed the questionnaire was 246. Among them, as many as 85% of the people took a bath while standing, and only 13.8% of the people chose to take a bath while sitting.The questionnaire shows that most people have noticed the possible problems caused by the humidity in the bathroom. Therefore, in terms of anti-slip measures, the top three options are: laying anti-slip mats, replacing anti-slip tiles, and placing bath chairs.

A woman in her forties usually takes a bath standing up, and occasionally uses a bathtub to take a bath. Waking up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, the bathroom floor was slipperyfallI was injured. I thought that falls and accidents often happen to children and the elderly. I have no sense of anti-slip vigilance. After I fell, I installed anti-slip stickers in the bathroom. The night light can clearly see the walking line.

With this injury experience, I pay more attention to home safety and get to know bath chairs. I get rid of the concept of “hospitals only put bath chairs”. Sitting in the bath can increase stability and make it easier to get up and change movements. Bathroom accessories are not limited to specific people. , to help family members wash their hair, bathe and feet safely.

Have you ever fallen in the bathroom?

The wet and slippery floor hides the risk of slipping and falling. As long as you lose your footing when going to the toilet or washing, you will easily lose your center of gravity and fall, ranging from bruises and broken skin to fractures and head trauma. According to the statistics of the National Health Administration, the bathroom is the second place for falling injuries in the home! Therefore, the public should pay more attention to and improve the problem of wet and slippery bathroom floors, and take measures to prevent slipping and injury, so as to make the use of bathrooms safer.

Everyone has their own specific bathing habits, for example: some people prefer to take a bath during the day or night, while bathing, while brushing teeth or singing, which part to wash first, etc., there is also a “bathing standing posture”. According to the survey, most people choose to take a bath while standing, while 13.8% prefer to take a bath while sitting. The difference between the two lies mainly in the “comfort level”. Taking a bath standing up is fast and efficient, and swinging your arms can stretch your limbs well; taking a bath while sitting is more comfortable and relaxing, with the feeling of being enveloped by a water column.

Let bathing have an extra layer of safety protection

Yang Zhongyi, director of the Assistive Devices Resource Center in New Taipei City, said that standing or sitting in the bath, in addition to personal habits and comfort, there is also the issue of “safety”. The humid climate in Taiwan and the moisture in the bathroom space can easily cause the floor to be slippery. We often hear in the news that people slip and fall in the bathroom. In order to prevent such accidents of slipping and falling in the bathroom, most people will do anti-slip, install handrails, change to dry and wet separation, and various anti-slip stickers, so that bathing will no longer be scary at every step!

The slippery bathroom makes people unsteady, but there are also personal health problems such as diseases and physical conditions. Some people feel dizzy due to the temperature difference when taking a bath, or they have postural hypotension caused by standing for too long. on the ground. Elderly people can’t fall, and in fact, people of all ages are also afraid of falling. Yang Zhongyi suggested that there should be an additional line of defense in the bathroom anti-slip measures: placing bath chairs to reduce the risk of slipping.

Key selection of bath chair: height, armrest, backrest, non-slip

With the growth of age, the change of physical condition and function, appliances are needed to assist independent living activities. Many people mistakenly think that bath chairs are only for children and the elderly, and are also suitable for pregnant women and people with limited mobility. A chair can greatly improve the safety. Upgrade, sit and take a bath safely, enjoy the fun of bathing, and ensure a comfortable and relaxing bathroom time. Yang Zhongyi appealed that the universal design of bathing chairs is gradually accepted, and that safety and beauty can improve the quality of life.

How to choose a suitable professional bath chair?

Yang Zhongyi shared four key points: height, armrest, backrest, and non-slip.

●The height of the chair should be higher than the knee socket and lower than half of the thigh. This “golden ratio” does not require effort to get up or sit down.

●The armrests and backrest can stabilize the body, surround the body on three sides to stabilize the body, and the armrests can also assist in applying force when standing up, including holding the shower head and pressing the shower gel, which can be comfortably leaned on.

●The non-slip pads on the chair feet provide good grip, and the non-slip surface makes the sitting posture more stable and protects the safety of family members.

Which ethnic groups are recommended to take a bath while sitting?

1. The elders have insufficient muscle endurance and cannot stand on their feet for a long time.

2. For pregnant women, standing for a long time will affect the efficiency of venous return and cause dizziness.

3. Patients who are weak during illness and are prone to dizziness when standing for a long time.

4. People with limited mobility can reduce the risk of slipping and accidents again.

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