To lose weight drink soy milk as water? Beware of protein breaking the table + the more you drink, the fatter you will be

Net transmission soy milk lose weight Can’t lose weight or even regain weight

Soy milk weight loss method is prevalent on the Internet. Nutritionists have found that many people think that drinking soy milk can lose weight and be healthy, especially women in their 40s and 50s.menopauseFor health care, some people drink 500 to 1000 c.c. of soy milk every day, or even drink it as water, and the result is that they either lose weight or regain weight.

Ms. Wu, 35 years old, is less than 160 centimeters tall and weighs more than 70 kilograms. In order to make herself lighter, she exercised and quit fried chicken more than half a year ago. Before eating meat, she peeled off the skin and fat, and lost 5 kilograms , but the weight has stagnated. During the weight stagnation period, she didn’t even touch starch at all, and she also extended the exercise time, but it was just “effective”.

Yan Lixin, a nutritionist at Xizhi Branch of Cathay Hospital, found that Ms. Wu made her own soymilk every day, and drank 500c.c.

Yan Liyu said that drinking 1,000cc of sugar-free soy milk a day has 300 calories, which is almost the same as the day’sproteindemand. Not only that, she was afraid of the high calorie content of granulated sugar, so she replaced it with oligosaccharides, but 4 tablespoons of oligosaccharides also have 90 calories. If she drank soy milk every day, she would drink an extra 400 calories, and of course she would not be able to lose weight.

Drinking soy milk for health care during menopause?soy products not “vegetables”

Ms. Wu is not the only case. Yan Liyu said that many weight loss cases believe that soy milk has no cholesterol and contains water-soluble fiber, especially women who are approaching menopause. They often drink soy milk for health care, regardless of the amount they drink. Protein, weight naturally rises steadily.

“Many people eat soy products as ‘vegetables’.” Yan Liyu emphasized that although soybeans are a plant-based food, in terms of nutritional classification, soy products belong to “meat, fish, beans and eggs.” A cup of 240c.c. sugar-free soy milk (that is, one serving) contains 5 grams of fat and 7 grams of protein, which is equivalent to a serving of medium-fat meat. If the white plastic cups commonly used to hold soy milk in breakfast shops have more capacity, usually 300c. c.

Yang Yier, a nutritionist at Mackay Hospital, said that a cup of soy milk that feels sweet has at least 100 calories, and slightly sweeter calories are more. If you drink soy milk as water, 2,000cc a day, you may drink 800 to 900 calories heat. Yan Liyu said that sweetened soy milk with normal sweetness has nearly 200 calories.

Yang Yier suggested that soy milk and soybean products contain Dietary fiber, can promote intestinal peristalsis, and have a sense of fullness, but when eating, don’t forget to combine it with the meat, fish and eggs eaten that day, so as not to overdo it.

Decryption of Internet Soymilk Weight Loss Method

Soy milk + cucumber diet


1. Cucumbers have almost no calories. Drink only soy milk and cucumbers for breakfast and dinner, and lose weight almost half-starved. It seems to be effective in the short term, but it may not be sustainable.

2. This diet is a low-fat formula. If there is no fruit for lunch and no starchy staple food, the nutrition will be unbalanced, and ketoacidosis may occur in the long run, which will endanger health.

Suggestion: Although the fat intake is reduced, those who lose weight should eat at least half a bowl of rice per meal, and still eat 6 servings of beans, fish, meat and eggs a day; men should eat about 8 servings of staple food for each meal, and 7 or 8 servings of beans, fish, meat and eggs. You should also eat enough vegetables, fruits, etc. to maintain a balanced nutrition.

Light vegetarian food + 1 cup of soy milk (before going to bed)

Analysis: Although fried dough sticks are not eaten for breakfast, if you eat fried buns for dim sum, one calorie is 250 calories, or 6 small steamed buns have 380 calories, and cheese and ham sandwiches have 200 to 250 calories, which is not too low in calories.


For vegetarian meals, it is best to choose natural vegetarian ingredients, avoid processed foods and thicken, so as not to eat hidden fats.

Eat three meals normally, drink soy milk before going to bed to increase calorie intake, it is recommended not to drink.

Sugar-free soy milk 450c.c. + 1 tea egg + 1 fruit or lettuce salad


1. If the lettuce salad does not add sauce, the calories for breakfast will be less than 300 calories, which is 100 to 150 calories less than milk tea with omelette or sandwiches, and only about 200 to 250 calories for dinner.

2. With such high protein and low calorie content, the total daily calorie intake is about 1,200 kcal, which is about the daily recommended intake for weight loss women.

3.2,000c.c. Drinking water can increase satiety, and exercise consumes calories.

Suggestion: Take half a bowl of rice as the staple food for lunch, and there must be a protein, such as one or two meat or a bean product, plus vegetables, to maintain a balanced nutrition.

How to calculate a serving of soy products:

A serving of beans, fish, meat and eggs = 75 calories

= 20 grams of soybeans

= 240c.c. sugar-free soy milk

= A piece of rice-shaped plate tofu

= Half a block of boxed tofu

= 2 slices of five-spice dried tofu

= a piece of bean bun

= 35 grams of lean meat

Note: Take at least one serving of soy products every day

healthy soy products

●Choose unprocessed or once-processed soy products as much as possible, such as tofu, soy milk, bean buns, etc.

●Avoid over-processed, fried or seasoned soy products, such as 100-page tofu, noodles, fried bean curd, etc.

● It is best to drink soy milk without adding sugar, or use sugar substitutes.

●When cooking, avoid excessive oil and salt. It is recommended to marinate, stir-fry or cook soup, and avoid thickening, sweet and sour, deep-frying or three-cup methods.

●When gout attacks, it is not recommended to eat soy products.

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