Walking 17,000 steps a day, still cheating at the age of 68! Physiotherapist Jian Wenren: Do these 5 things well, serve the old and not be afraid of the old

“Many people think it is difficult to get started with sports, or they just don’t have time, so Jian Wenren advocates “doing sports anytime, anywhere, happily!”

When Jian Wenren is mentioned, the soft Q Abo who teaches zodiac exercises on TV every Spring Festival automatically comes to mind. He encourages people to do more activities with humorous explanations and simple movements. He has been promoting them for more than 20 years. With an excellent memory, he counted with his fingers: “It’s almost 2 rounds since the Year of the Dragon! Let’s have a big meal during the Chinese New Year ~ we must encouragesports, one more, two more are very boring, I will use some homonyms to be more fun, so that everyone can remember and make more sense. “

For more than 20 years, there have been thousands of editions of Zodiac Exercises and Ruyi Exercises that Jian Wenren thought of. Even after taking off his white robe and retiring as a physical therapist in 2020, there are still endless lectures, programs and activities that enrich life compact.

But he doesn’t like to set goals, but he said with a smile that he has no plans for retirement. “On the first day of retirement, I woke up at the same time (time), but I didn’t have to go to work, and my life was as usual.” It turns out that he has maintained a regular schedule for many years , After retiring, you don’t have to stick to the commuting time, and you can do what you like more calmly.

Walk 17,000 steps a day, and exercise happily as you wish

His day usually goes like this: In the morning, he goes around the Tiger Mountain near his home. After breakfast, he goes to the sports center and library. After lunch, if the weather is fine, he invites his wife to go out for a walk. , went to bed after 10 o’clock, “It’s nothing, that’s it!”

From point to point, he almost relies onwalk, the average number of steps per day can reach 17,000 steps, which is the best exercise in his opinion. “Many people say that walking is not considered exercise, but if you walk faster, longer, and take longer strides, the amount of exercise is still quite large. Don’t underestimate it!” For example, his strides are extremely large and his speed is extremely fast. Walking step by step, you will sweat a little in just a short distance.

“It’s good if you can set aside time for exercise, but for the general public, you can use walking to develop physical fitness and improve health status. When you are physically fit, you can do more intense exercise.” Many people think it is difficult to get started with exercise. It’s not that there is no time, so he advocates “exercise anytime, anywhere, happily!”

His zodiac wish exercise was originally inspired by assisting patients in their rehabilitation. “Some people don’t like sports, or doing sports is painful, and their family members say that they are lazy… (psychologically) he suffers more!” Because every patient in rehabilitation Traction is not easy for the patient, so he wants to imitate the game to guide, just like the name “Ruyi Exercise”, which means “do as you want”.

Integrating health preservation into life, health can be reversed

Over the years, everyone has equated him with a health expert, but Jian Wenren always believes that he should not be dismissed professionally and set rigid standards, emphasizing that as long as he does ” correct exercise, a balanced diet, a happy mood, and quality sleep , Good habits” these 5 things, health can be reversed.

For example, he respects the various diets that have been popular in recent years, whether it is ketogenic, 168, or 186. He only takes “balanced” as an example. He said that a healthy diet does not have to eat this or must not eat that. In his opinion, “humanization” is the most important thing. “I just try to eat natural and less processed prototype foods, but there are no taboos.”

He gave an example. He usually doesn’t eat barbecue or sweets, but he won’t resist when a friend meets at a barbecue restaurant and there are desserts on the menu. , Do not eat sad, he proposed a solution: “Eat what you want today, don’t eat if you don’t want to eat, just make it a habit, I am used to not eating it, but it doesn’t matter if you eat it occasionally.”

Over the years, he has personally practiced, “I dare not say that I am aging, but my health is indeed better than 10 years ago!” As long as he can start to live a healthy life, the scarlet mark of the physical examination will improve, and his physical fitness and physique will naturally improve. “When you are slow Slowly do something, there will be a change!”

The unbelievable soft Q movements are all slowly practiced by Jian Wenren after 50. He emphasizes that there is no need to pursue everything overnight, and enjoy the achievement of every tiny target.

Set small targets and enjoy the process with a greater sense of accomplishment

Self-deprecating, he likes to be handsome, but he did not forget to show his hands on the scene, and when he opened his legs, he easily made splitting movements. But this is not because he was born with weak muscles and bones, but a unique skill that he has only practiced in the past 2 years. He said with a smile: “I don’t have to achieve the goal of cheating. As long as you think about it, do it slowly, you can achieve the best, and you can’t achieve it.” does not matter.”

He said that many people set lofty goals, which create pressure because they are difficult to achieve, and even harder to achieve. “If you are determined to achieve that goal, the whole process will be unpleasant, and sometimes even the people around you will be unhappy; on the other hand, if you enjoy the process, you will die if you fail one day, and you will have no regrets.”

When he was a physical therapist in the past, he often agreed with patients on small goals. Among them, a patient who had been bedridden for 7 to 8 years went from being able to sit up, sit upright, sit upright, to stand up, and finally to be able to lean on walking with crutches. “One time when his daughter came back and saw it, she cried on the spot: ‘I didn’t expect my father to stand up’!”

“The same is true for our health. We can set small goals instead of big goals, but we must be careful in the process.” He admitted that he was naughty in the past. Whenever he visited scenic spots, he would definitely pose for a souvenir. The wild geese spread their wings and even stood on a pillar next to the guardrail of the Hehuanshan Highway with one foot, “There is a cliff next to it!”

But in 2019, he rode his bicycle up Wuling, and on the first day he took a brave photo of holding his bicycle aloft. The next day, he plowed the field on the downhill road. At the end of last year, he stayed overnight at the Pingtung Marine Life Museum with his old friends. Under the instigation of everyone, he stood on a reef in the intertidal zone with one foot and stretched sideways. Unexpectedly, a gust of mountain wind blew, and he suddenly lost his center of gravity. He jumped several times to avoid falling into the sea .

Both adventures reminded him that he should obey his old age. “Health is very unpredictable, so I didn’t do many movements!” He said with a smile that in the past, he didn’t take the stairs when participating in activities, and he always jumped up and down the command platform. The son persuaded An Fen to go up, “He said that if one day he jumped down,fracture, then Dad is out of breath. “

Serve the old and not be afraid of the old: Healthy old age “rich and free” is happiness

However, he obeys old age but is not afraid of old age. “Always bless, the longer you live, the more (retirement pension) you receive, and when you get old, you have money and leisure. Isn’t it a very happy thing?” Jian Wenren believes that people are not afraid of old age. , I’m afraid of fading, “Not fading, eighty or ninety years old is still very tough.”

And if people are healthy, they don’t need to save tens of millions of retirement funds. The sports center has a public service period for the elderly. Swimming, SPA, and sauna are all free; you can get enough books without ordering newspapers, and hiking and walking in the park are free of charge. “I don’t need to spend money at the end of the day.”

Of course, whether you can live in peace depends on your personal mentality. He bluntly said that he is most afraid of the “third class” people – “waiting to eat, waiting to sleep, and waiting to die”.

He reminded that the emotional management of the seniors is very important. If the relationship is good, you can do everything happily, and you can “return to the feeling of first love”. Conversely, if the relationship is not good, the time spent together after retirement becomes longer, the two meet every day, and they cannot go out during the epidemic, they will feel that there is an extra large garbage in the house. Jian Wenren joked: “Fortunately, our relationship as a husband and wife is good, and we will have a leisurely time after retirement!”

Another thing that has to be faced is that life will eventually come to a time when one is alone. The traditional age of marriage is that men are older and women are younger. Most couples are 1 or 2 years apart. In addition, the average life expectancy of women is about 6 years longer than that of men, which means that married women will have 8 to 10 years of single life after they get old. In addition, you must also train yourself to have the ability to be alone and live alone.

Jian Wenren said emotionally that fortunately his wife is 4 years older than him, and he thinks he is in good health. “We will grow old together for a longer period of time.” If you can have a comfortable mind, sufficient food and clothing, and freedom of movement, if you can achieve these things, you will be happy old queen.

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