What is the standard body fat percentage? Take a look at the “Body Fat Rate Comparison Table”, Gao Minmin teaches you 5 ways to reduce the error value of the body fat machine

Don’t think that thin people must be healthy. Some people who look very thin actually have a lot of body fat, which is an obese physique. Nutritionist Gao Minmin sorted out “body fat percentageComparison table”, so that you can quickly check how much body fat is the standard? It also teaches you how to measure the body fat machine to make the value more accurate.

How much body fat is the standard? Quick Check “Body Fat Percentage Comparison Table”

Why do some people look thin but have a lot of body fat? Nutritionist Gao Minmin wrote an article in the Facebook fan group “Gao Minmin Nutritionist” to share that even if some people look thin, as long as the body fat percentage exceeds the standard, they are still clinically classified as obese .

How much body fat should be maintained? Gao Minmin said that the standard value of body fat is different for men and women. She organizes the “Body Fat Percentage Comparison Table”, which allows you to quickly check the ideal healthy body fat percentage according to age and gender. And what is body fat percentage? Body fat percentage refers to the percentage of total body fat weight in the human body, and exceeding a certain number represents a risk of obesity.

How accurate is the “Body Fat Machine”? How to reduce the error value of body fat meter?

In order to maintain a healthy body fat percentage, Gao Minmin recommends constantly monitoring the health changes of the body through the “body fat machine” . However, body fat cannot be measured directly. Body fat percentage measurement is an “indirect measurement.” Gao Minmin said that the body fat machines on the market use the almost non-conductive properties of fat to measure body resistance through a weak current, and then match it with gender and age. , height, and weight to calculate body fat percentage, muscle mass and other values, so the measured values ​​may have errors due to fluctuations in body water .

5 ways to reduce the error value of body fat machine

✅Before breakfast after waking up:Avoid eating food that affects body fat calculation

✅ Go to the toilet before measuring:avoid the influence of water content of excreta such as urine

✅ Use a fixed machine to measure:different machines are prone to errors

✅ Stand for 3~5 minutes before measuring:sitting and lying down for a long time will affect the water distribution

✅ Fixed time and state measurement every day:avoid the influence of human body biochemical resistance on the measured numbers

4 Timing affects the value of the body fat machine

Sweating, dehydration, congestion, and hormonal fluctuations will all affect body analysis, so it is also recommended:

❌ Avoid taking a bath, after the oven SPA

❌ Avoid within 12 hours after drinking alcohol

❌ Avoid measuring during the menstrual cycle of girls

❌ Avoid taking measurements while exercising excessively

Gao Minmin reminded that, in summary, it is recommended that families can have a body weight and fat machine to constantly monitor changes in physical health and adjust life and diet . Of course, if you want to maintain a healthy body fat value, a balanced diet is very important. If you usually like to eat high-fat, high-sugar foods, or those who like to eat heavy flavors, you must pay special attention to your body fat percentage.

To maintain a standard body fat percentage, Gao Minmin recommends eating more original foods and less processed or fried foods, and maintain a good body fat percentage.exercise habits, body fat will reflect your health value!

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