Why does my blood pressure suddenly rise when I am not taking medicine? This eating habit is taboo

The saltiness of food will not only affect the retention of water in the body, but also affect blood pressure.hypertensionor heart failurePeople in China are taboos in diet.

A patient recently had a sudden increase in blood pressure.

“What causes your blood pressure to rise?”

“Well, the stock has plummeted, and I’m not willing to admit my compensation and sell it.”

“Which stock is it?”

“× sea!”

“That’s right, the x sea will fall too?”

I asked and typed up the medical records.

“And… broken love.”

I stopped typing on the computer and turned my head to look at this eighty-year-old patient with admiration.

“Breakdown?” I reconfirmed.

The patient replied thoughtfully, “Yes, the grandson who lost love and went abroad to study.”

I froze there, and it took a while before I suddenly realized.

It turned out to be “missing my grandson who went abroad to study”, it was “missing” not “broken love”. Ha ha! Scared me a lot.

“Every day at 11 or 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, my blood pressure will rise to 170 to 180! During the day, it will be 120 to 130.”

One day, an Indian patient came to the clinic and told me this. I was confused and had never encountered such a situation. I was still thinking in my heart: “You don’t sleep in the middle of the night, why do you measure your blood pressure?”

“Are there any special medications?” I asked. Painkillers or certain vasoconstrictors can raise blood pressure.

“I didn’t take any medicine.”

“When did it start getting taller?” I asked again.

“It started getting higher and higher around seven or eight o’clock in the evening.”

I scratched my head, not quite understanding why, and suddenly remembered Indian food, so I asked him, “Will dinner be very salty?”

“Our Indian food is only delicious if it is salty!”

“High blood pressure is related to the salt content in the diet, but this cannot explain why the blood pressure does not rise after eating at noon.” I understand a little, but I don’t understand it.

After hearing this, the patient showed a look of sudden enlightenment.

“Ha, this can be explained. For us Indians, dinner is the most important thing, and lunch is not so good.”

“Haha, then try not to eat salty food and see if your blood pressure drops.”

“Actually, I also suspect that’s the case. I didn’t eat so much salt last night, and my blood pressure seems to be better.”

“Okay, then don’t eat heavy salty, Drinking less soup should improve. “I recommend.

“Drink less soup?” The patient looked puzzled.

“Soup is a bowl of salt water, and it can also raise blood pressure.”

I looked at the patient, and suddenly thought of Indian cuisine, “There are also sauces. Indian cuisine doesn’t often use your hands to grab bread or rice and dip it in curry or soup.” But I thought that Indians would make fun of themselves for grabbing food with their right hand, and eating food with their left hand. …

“Yeah, that’s how we all eat.”

“That juice is also salty, and blood pressure will rise after eating it.”

“Then how should I cook dinner?” The patient’s wife listened to us and began to feel anxious.

The patient turned around confidently and said to his wife in English, “Just use #%@$ and burn it into ︰[email protected], it will be fine.”

I don’t quite understand, but when it comes to Indian cuisine, my interest comes, and I can’t help but interject. “Just eat that scone, without the sauce, and your blood pressure won’t be high.”

The patient’s wife raised her head and glared at me unhappily, as if she was dissatisfied with my cock wife interfering with her dishes.

Food Salt Affects Blood Pressure

The saltiness of food will not only affect the retention of body water, but also affect blood pressure. For people with high blood pressure or heart failure, it is a taboo in diet. When some people’s blood pressure rises, as long as they reduce salt and quit soup, can be improved.

Once a patient with good blood pressure control suddenly went to the emergency department because of out of control blood pressure. It took a long time to find out the culprit.

It turned out that someone recently gave the patient a large pot of very salty mutton stove, but the family did not like to eat it. As a housewife, wasting food is an unforgivable sin, so she ate it responsibly and solved the pot of mutton by herself Unexpectedly, the salt I ate was out of control, and my blood pressure soared, so I went to the emergency room. Fortunately, after we used diuretics to excrete the excess salt from the body, the blood pressure returned to normal and the symptoms disappeared.

After the excess salt was excreted from the body, the blood pressure returned to normal and the symptoms disappeared.

There are also couples who quarrel over the saltiness of food and whether to measure blood pressure. Once the wife of an outpatient patient left the scene, the patient couldn’t wait to complain to me, “I pay attention to what I eat, I don’t dare to eat a little salty horse, the vegetables are scalded with water, and I don’t dare to drink the soup.”

He hasatrial fibrillationI have a heart failure problem, and my wife is a hypertensive patient. The husband and wife have been seeking medical treatment at my side for many years. Given the condition of the two, salt is a taboo, and they must not eat more.

“I’m full of green vegetables (whatever you want), I don’t like to measure my blood pressure, I cook it in black and white, I eat it in black and white, it’s terrible…”

The patient continued to complain, but my mind flew away, because the singing sounded in my head, but I didn’t dare to sing it out. “Grandpa wants to cook salty, grandma wants to cook lightly, two sumo wrestlers come and break the cauldron, babbling, blah, blah, blah, blah.” Breaking the broken tripod, babbling, hey, long, thump, thud, wahaha.)

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